February is a month that we focus our attention and love on others, but it is ok also to stop and care for yourself in February as well!  Young Living is here to help up do just that with the line up of products they are giving for FREE with your monthly order.  As always, there are added bonuses for placing your order through the Essential Rewards program.
Let’s chat about great oils that are being offered this month!  When you order 100 pv on essential rewards you will be getting a 5 ml bottle of Lemongrass.  This oil has such a nice aroma that may like to use it for freshening around the bathrooms and kitchen or even adding a few drops to your wool dryer balls in the dryer.  With your 190 pv order on essential rewards you will earn a full size 15 ml bottle of Eucalyptus Radiata.  One of the ingredients found in the beloved Thieves blend and a great oil to have on hand through the Winter months for extra respiratory support.  All orders at 190 pv will receive a 15 ml of Wintergreen.  A minty aroma that you will love using topically or in your diffuser.  One of the key ingredients found in PanAway and Deep Relief.  At 250 pv you will earn a 5 ml of Palo Santo.  This is a beloved oil kin to Frankincense that many of us fell in love with after the October 2016 promo! Don’t miss out on this uplifting and purifying oil along with a bonus 20 essential rewards points.  When you reach the 300 pv order level this month you will score a 5 ml bottle of PanAway! 
I don’t know how you plan to use each of these oils, but I like the idea of mixing PanAway, Wintergreen, and Lemongrass with some coconut oil to make a soothing muscle rub!