Let’s talk about KidScents Lotion and Tender Tush
Your children’s skin can be very sensitive and chemicals can easily harm them. As a parent, you want to know the ingredients of the products that you are going to buy, especially those you’ll be applying to your children.
Products that contains harmful chemicals can irritate and damage the skin of your little one. Since they are too young to protect their body, you are the one who protects and keep them safe from things and products that can harm their precious skin.
Parents often have difficulty finding products gentle enough for their kids to help ease skin problems such as dry skin and rashes. But I’ve got great news!  Young Living has created KidScents Lotion and Tender Tush to help soothe delicate skin without using harmful ingredients.

KidScents Lotion

KidScents Lotion is specifically developed for delicate and sensitive skin. This Young Living product is completely free of mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, artificial colors or other harmful ingredients. It uses gentle ingredients such as MSM, shea butter, aloe vera, cedarwood, geranium and therapeutic-grade essential oils.
KidScents Lotion can help you moisturize and soften the sensitive skin of your child. It also helps support healthy-looking skin. You can use and apply this product to the skin of your little one as often as needed.

KidScents Tender Tush

Young Living’s KidScents Tender Tush is a product you will definitely want to try. It doesn’t contain any synthetic perfumes, mineral oils, artificial colors or other harsh chemicals. Parents are using this Young Living product because it is very mild and gentle.
KidScents Tender Tush is an essential oil balm, developed with natural ingredients. It contains vegetable oils and pure essential oils. You can now moisturize the skin of your little one while avoiding toxic and other chemical ingredients.
Tender Tush also promotes healthy skin. You can apply this product to the diaper area. It will help you protect the skin of your little one and avoid irritation.

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